Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen shocking drama which has led to the separation of Ayaan (Aakash Ahuja) and Faltu (Niharika Chouksey). As we know, Ruhaan played a big part in this drama, as he was the one who made Ayaan believe that Faltu and Ruhaan had an affair. Ayaan now believes that Faltu wanted a better lifestyle, and more riches and hence chose to be with Ruhaan. We saw how Ruhaan and Ayaan confronted each other. This was when Ayaan got to know the bitter truth about Avinash Sachdeva, Ruhaan’s father.

Now, the coming episode will see Ayaan coming home to confront his father on the fact. Ruhaan told Ayaan that Janardhan Mittal was responsible for the death of his father, Avinash Sachdeva. Ayaan will ask his father about Avinash Sachdeva, the name in itself will give a tremor to Janardhan.

Amidst this, Ayaan will tell his family that his marital life with Faltu is now over. Faltu, on the other hand, will get shelter at an old man’s place who will be very loving to her.

What will happen now?

Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions, revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a third girl and a stillborn twin son. It is the story of Faltu who aspires to become a cricketer and is helped by Ayaan Mittal in her journey forward. The show stars Aakash Ahuja, Niharika Chouksey as the leads.