Colors show Gathbandhan will see entertaining drama with Dhanak understanding the need to stand by Raghu and will side him.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak to support Raghu

Gathbandhan the Colors show produced by Jay Productions has seen the struggle of Raghu (Abrar Qazi) in trying to become a better human being without getting involved in any kind of fight or crime.

However, Tawde (Nitin Goswami) ruined things for Raghu by forcing him to get into a fight with him.

Now Tawde will try to expose Raghu in front of Dhanak. However, Dhanak will take a stand and will support Raghu even when she will know that she is wrong.

As per a reliable source, “Dhanak will have an emotional conversation with her sister wherein she will accept that Raghu is now a changed person. Also she will tell her that she too has undergone a change. Apart from her duty, she cares for Raghu too.”

Dhanak will realize that Raghu has made a mistake but will also understand that Tawde has been pushing him to make the mistake.

Dhanak will understand that Raghu did try to walk the right path and she will find the need to support him now so that she can help him become a better individual.


How will Dhanak lift Raghu’s self-esteem and change him?

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