Gathbandhan the Colors show will see huge drama with Dhanak and Maya wanting to help Raghu to feed the poor.

Gathbandhan SPOILER ALERT: Dhanak and Maya cook to please Raghu

Gathbandhan the popular Colors show produced by Jay Productions has seen the struggle of Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) to win the heart of Raghu (Abrar Qazi) again.

Meanwhile, Raghu has announced his marriage with Maya (Pragati Chourasiya) which will happen in 28 days. Also Maayi (Sonali Naik) has been doing all that it takes to get Raghu and Maya closer.

In the coming episode, Maya will want to help Raghu by preparing food for the poor kids, a ritual that Dhanak used to follow so that Raghu could feed the poor on the day of Sankashti.

On the other hand, Dhanak will also continue with the ritual of her cooking food and will want to cook it herself.

While Maya will also want to cook food, Dhanak too will start to cook food.

But Maya will play a trick on Dhanak and she will throw up in the air chilli powder which will go into Dhanak’s eyes and she will not be able to cook food.

On the other hand, Maya who does not know to cook will order food from the hotel to feed the children.

Will Raghu be able to complete the ritual of feeding the poor? Who will eventually  cook the food – Dhanak or Maya?

We buzzed actors who are associated with this track but could not get through to them for a comment.

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