Drama galore in SAB TV's show...

Ghost drama in SAB TV’s Aadat Se Majboor

The maker (Team Production) of SAB TV’s Aadat Se Majboor is gearing up for a laughter riot for its loyal viewers.

According to our source, the daily will now witness a spooky storyline.

We hear that the City Chakkar employees will visit a resort. However, their life will be hell as they will be haunted by ghosts.

The whole sequence will create ruckus in the resort, as everyone will be scared of the ghosts. However, soon the boys will doubt and would try to find out about the ghosts.

The intelligent boys will soon through their investigation manage to find out the real story behind the ghost. The ghosts will be the people working in the resort, who are fooling everyone to earn more money.

They will unveil the truth in front of everyone.

Will the girls believe them? How will this entire situation turn out to be?

We called the actors but they were busy shooting.


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