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The Kindling Romance Between Our Favourites

Every time Daya Ben And Jethalal Melted Our Hearts

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, one of our favourite comedy tellie shows, always finds a way to melt our hearts with our favourite couple, Daya Ben and Jethalal, and their sweet romance. Although the show is focused on families and their newfound troubles and solving them, it doesn’t forget to show us the bond between Daya Ben and Jethalal.

One of our favourite instances include the times when either of them makes an attempt at speaking in English. It`s really cute to see how none but they can decode the mystery of what the other is trying to say. But the irony of the situation is that, despite the trouble taken to figure out what the other was trying to say, both of them end up wrong.

Most fans usually deviate their minds from the love between Daya and Jethalal due to him fancing his neighbor, Babita. But that`s something very different from the love he has for his wife. His love for Daya can be seen in all the times where she is mad at him and he tries to make up for it.

Another thing we love about the couple is how incomplete Jethalal is and feels without his wife around. Waking him up in the morning, making varieties of breakfast for him, occasionally calling him while he`s at work and sometimes even going there herself to deliver him fresh lunch that she made, rushing with water as soon as he`s home and cooking his favourite dinner, all of these acts show how Jethalal is dependent on his wife and how Daya works to make sure her husband is content.

This couple might remain our favourite until there comes one that`s good enough to replace them and fill the place in our hearts that we have especially for Daya Ben and Jethalal. Let us know your favourite memories of this cute couple below.

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