In today’s episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Jethalal advised Natu Kaka to keep Mehta Sahab in meetings because of his excellent command of English. As no one can speak English as fluently as Mehta Sahab, Natu Kaka complied with Jethalal’s advice. Taarak loves kachori so much, Jethalal instructed Bagha to bring kachori for Sahab Taarak, who is heading to his godown. Bagha questions Natu Kaka about why, despite the fact that he speaks excellent English, he agreed to follow Jethalal’s advice and bring Taarak to the Gada Electronics meeting. Natu Kaka informed him that since they were only employees and Taarak was his best friend, Mehta Saab would receive higher priority from Jethalal. Bagha concurred.

Taarak Mehta’s boss gave him a lesson in discipline and advised him to complete all of his work promptly and not save any for later. Mehta’s phone rang, and it was Anjali’s call, which he declined after his boss told him during a meeting not to accept calls and to put his phone aside. In the midst of this conversation, Taarak’s phone rang again, and this time it was Jethalal. Taarak declined the call, but Jethalal felt the phone had been declined accidentally and called Taarak Mehta once again. His boss became upset with him and gave him instructions to stop taking calls during meetings going forward. The boss chastised Mehta Saab a lot. Taarak’s boss told him not to take a holiday tomorrow, but Taarak wondered and asked him why? The boss advised him not to ask for one.

His boss then retorted that because his wife had left for a vacation with her kitty party pals, Taarak would need to arrange for all of their travel arrangements, including hotels and flights. His boss instructed him on how to carry out this task effectively. Taarak promises him that he will make all the necessary arrangements and make them on time.
After their discussion, Taarak returned to his cabin and lost his patience with his boss. Metha Saab said that he was very busy and that they should talk about everything at their house that evening when Jethalal phoned him again.

When Jethalal arrived at his house, he was overjoyed with his new order and told Bapuji about it. He was questioned by Bapuji about his knowledge of the African language. He was informed by Jethalal that Mehta Saab would be retained as a translator for the conference. He was told by Bapuji that knowledge and education are crucial for our future well-being.

After dinner, Jethalal went to Mehta Saab’s house, and in the interim, Sodhi also arrived there to distribute sweets. When Anjali arrived and asked why Sodhi was distributing sweets, Sodhi said that it was Gajak, a very well-known Punjabi sweet. He is distributing it to everyone because of the 5 kilograms that his brother brought for him. Taarak just ate one slice of Gajak due to his diet. Taarak adores this dessert, and Anjali and Jethalal also enjoy it. Jethalal informs Sodhi, Taarak, and Anjali about his meeting and new order with the African party. They feel tremendous joy and pride for him.