In the current Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah episode Tapu Sena and Bapuji were enjoying a pizza party. Everyone is missing Tapu, so Goli asks bapuji when Tappu will return so they can schedule another pizza party. Following their pizza party Dadaji was compelled to play table tennis by tapu sena, but dadaji had never played before, so tapu sena had to teach them. Table tennis was started by Bapuji and Goli. However, they misplaced the ball while playing table tennis, and after looking everywhere, they discovered it in dadaji’s dhoti. On the opposite side, tarak mehta and angeli entered the society compound and started talking about how lovely Diwali was and how much they both enjoyed it. Following that, Tarak praised Anjali for being Anjali so beautiful, just like the moon .Anjali prayed to God that this year would bring everyone joy and positivity.

In the Next Episode of Tarak Mehta Ka ooltah Chasma Bhide commended Madhuri for making a delicious pulao for dinner.
Madhavi tells Bhide that the maintenance check needs to be placed in the bank as well as the Achar Papad needs to be delivered in the morning. When Bhide realized Jethalal’s check was incorrect, the one month but he didn’t give another one. He then got angry. Popatlal visited Bhide’s home the following morning to deliver the cheque.
Popatlal is requesting Bhide to pay half his maintenance because he lives alone in comparison to other members of society. They both are having arguments about half maintenance. Then Madhvi brought tea, and Bhide shared Popatlal’s maintenance-related thoughts, but Popatlal defended himself that he is paying full maintenance and that it’s simply a joke. He also apologized for the delayed maintenance check. Due to Jethalal’s complete lack of maintenance payments, Bhide informed Popatlal that he was not late. Popatlal then counsels him to accept punishment. Therefore, Bhide decides to accept a Rs10,000 fine, which will be added to the society fund.

In the last episode Jethalal and Bapuji are eating breakfast in Jethalal’s home.Yesterday Bapuji asked Jethalal for Khakra, and he bring it for breakfast Bapuji was pleased and commended Jethalal for finishing his work on schedule and to perfection. Jethalal’s phone rang, and he disconnected a call. Jethalal realized it was a call for a maintenance check. Bhide calls him back and puts the phone on speaker but Jethalal disconnects it again. Bapuji asks Jethalal who is calling you nonstop, and Jethalal replies that it is Bhide. Bapuji then advises Jethalal to take the phone, but Jethalal responds that he has always been told not to talk on the phone while eating. Following this, Bapuji is ecstatic and proud of Jethalal and inquired about the maintenance check, but Jethalal lied to him that he had already paid the check. Bapuji advised him to always pay check on time