Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept. As seen so far, Anjali gets conscious and learns about Preeta’s babies. She kidnaps one of the boys. Nidhi learns about the same and tries to stop her. However, Anjali refuses to stop.

Karan asks Nidhi about his baby and soon she reveals about Anjali kidnapping one of the babies. Karan and the Luthra family gets shocked to learn about the same. Karan decides to bring his baby safely home and goes to a farmhouse where Anjali has kept the baby.

Now, in the coming episode, Karan, Nidhi, Srishti, and Sameer reach the farmhouse but fails to find Anjali and the baby. Soon, Nidhi gets Anjali’s letter which states that she has left the farmhouse. In the letter, Anjali asks Karan to come alone to meet him or else she would throw his baby from the cliff.

What will happen next? What will be Karan’s decision?

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