Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’s current episode Jethalal was not getting the call, so Bhide called him to find out why. Jethalal informed him that he was having breakfast and disconnected the call. Bhide contacted him once more, and Jethalal told him, “Don’t call me again again. I’ll deliver you the iron on time.” Bhide made the decision to go to Jethalal’s house and demand payment check, warning him that he would quit his secretary position if he didn’t give the check today. Bhide and Bapuji crossed paths in the hallway. Bapuji asked Bhide he would receive his iron on time and if it was urgent. Take our iron, so Bhide informed him that it was false information he had been given by Jethalal, and that he had come here to receive repair.

Bapuji became quite angry with Jethalal. Jethalal admitted to Bhide that he had left his checkbook at the store. And by night, he will give a check. Jethalal left for the shop, and Bhide returned home and told Madhavi everything. Jethalal called Bhide, he was angry at Bhide because he told everything to Bapuji and they fought a lot on this matter,”. Bhide also threatened that if the check is not received at night, he will write on the blackboard that Jethalal is irresponsible. Bhide is informed by Jethalal, and then ends the call.

In the Next Episode Of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah chashma Jethalal reached to gada electronic
He then called Bagha, Natukka informed Jethalal that he was checking the check without bothering him because Natukka made a mistake on the check the last time. It was only then that Jethalal advised that the check be given only after careful checking.

In The last Episode Of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah chashmah When Bagha heard this, Jethalal ordered him to make a check from the next time, but he refused because it was Natukaka’s job. Jethalal then argued that it was preferable to have two people working on a single check rather than ordering Bagha to make checks, but the bagha responded that it was a natu kaka job and they a
would do only this .