In today’s episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma Bhide came to know that the maintenance cheque was being washed away in a machine, and he immediately ran to his residence. Popatlal believes that Bhide lied to him when he said that Jethalal had given the cheque on time, and when Bapuji overheard their conversation, Popatlal said everything to Bapuji. Bapuji became angry and went home. All of the Gokuldham people arrived at Jethalal’s home after Bapuji became furious with Jethalal and woke him up from sleep due to Jethalal’s lying to Bapuji. Jethalal was then questioned by Popatlal about the amount of bribery he had given. Bhide responded that Jethalal had not given any bribe, after which he showed Popatlal the wet and torn cheque that Madhavi had washed in the machine. Popatlal, though, still wasn’t prepared to take the cheque even after seeing it.

After being summoned by Bhide, Mehta Saab went to Jethalal’s house and informed everyone that Jethalal had given the cheque late at night.
He then displayed one photo as proof, which was taken out of context. Taarak Mehta took the photograph while presenting the cheque at night, and everyone saw it. Mehta Saab was thanked by Jethalal. Bapuji reminded Jethalal once more to always remember to give the cheque . In time, the dilemma was resolved, and everyone enjoyed some jalebis and fafda.

In the next episode, Taarak’s mood was high after eating Jalebi Fafda, but because of Anjali’s green tea, his mood became off. Tarak nevertheless drank green tea afterwards.

And Anjali commends Taarak for consistently supporting Jethalal. Taarak was pressured by Anjali to take time off, but he refused because he didn’t have much to do at the workplace.