In the current episode of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma Bagha was advised by Natukaka to keep his attention on the cheque’s amount rather than Jethalal sign, and when Jethalal realized that this was a way to raise their pay, he informed them that they would receive an additional Rs2,000 in salary. This made Bagha and Natukaka happy, but then Jethalal informed them that he would be reducing their pay by Rs2,000 instead. Natukaka and Bagha were both unhappy, but it was all in good fun. When they informed him that the checkbook was empty, Jethalal instructed natu Kaka to write a society maintenance payment but the checkbook will be delivered two days later. Then, Jethalal felt startled and tense. Natukaki said that it was only a joke.In a manner similar to how Jethalal made a joke with Natu Kaka and Bagha, Natu Kaka likewise played a joke. When Bhide returned from delivering the achar papad, he deposited the check at the bank, but he was upset about Jethalal’s undeposited check. Bhide will retire if the check is not given today, said by bhide to Madhavi. When Madhavi heard this, she became a little anxious and prayed to God for God to give Jathalal’s check. Bagha then shouted that Babitaji was in the store.
Hearing this, Jethalal went to the store from godown . When Jethalal was showing Babita and her friends the electronics items in the store, Babita ji remarked that they wanted a fashionable shirt like Jethalal. Jethalal took them to Jeetu Bhai’s store, where they made their purchase of Fashionable clothes for their 10th wedding anniversary. And compelled to create fashionable clothes.

In the Next Episode Of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma Bhide calls Madhavi’s to choose one hand she thinks was a gift for her, but later Bhide reveals that it was a test to determine whether or not Jethalal would pay his maintenance check for the day. Popatlal arrived at the home of Bhide and requested water from Madhavi. Popatlal inquired whether Jethalal had given the check or not, or if he had paid the penalty or not, after sipping some water. Bhide said that he hadn’t received a check or penalty then, popatlal call him a careless secretary who isn’t strict and unpleasant. After that, Bhide warned him that he would take very serious action if Jethalal didn’t give check today. When Popatlal asked him what type of action he was taking, Bhide replied that he would find out at the soda shop in the evening. Popatlal then left Bhide’s house.

In The last Episode Of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma Bagha informed Nattu Kaka that Jethalal had forgotten to do a maintenance cheque. Nattu Kaka suggested that Bagha call Jethalal and inform him about the maintenance cheque. When Jethalal arrived at home, Bapuji asked him what he was going to do, and Jethalal replied, “After dinner, I’m going to the soda shop to meet my friends.” Then Bapuji realized that Jethalal had forgotten his cheque, so he chose not to mention it and instead decided to confront Bhide. We’ll see what happens.