Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Savi asking the shocking question to Virat (Neil Bhatt) whether he can adopt her. Virat was puzzled and was left in shock when Savi asked him this question on stage. This has hurt Sai (Ayesha Singh) a lot. She does not know how to react to this situation and make Savi understand things.

As we know, Sai is hiding the big truth about Virat being Savi’s father. However, she is upset and worried about how to hide the truth anymore as Savi demands an answer from her.

The coming episode will create more intrigue with Vinayak too supporting Savi’s decision of being adopted by Virat. He will also look forward to this happening. This will leave Pakhi in shock.

Now Virat will give Sai golden advice. He will tell her to reveal the name of Savi’s father to Savi. Sai will be in tears when Virat will tell her all of this. Virat will make Sai understand that it is important that Savi knows who her real father is.

What will happen now? Will Sai be forced to reveal Savi’s father’s name?