Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment will see Jeet trying all possible means to get to know the whereabouts of Heer and Sunny and save them.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Spoiler: Can Jeet save Heer and Sunny?

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment has seen the kidnap drama of Heer (Tanisha Mehta) and Sunny. We saw them being taken to a brothel where the lady at the brothel has readied Heer to be sold. Sunny has been kept away from Heer. Heer, however, has been looking for ways to escape from the place along with Sunny.

We saw how Heer was bought by Dilbar Seth for huge money. Heer sedated the girl Billo and dressed up like her to escape from the brothel. Sinda in the meanwhile, made Sunny unconscious and intended to kill him.

The coming episode will see Jeet (Avinesh Rekhi) finding out that Heer is taken to the brothel. He will make his way near the brothel and will look for Heer. Amidst all this, Heer will be stopped from running away by Sinda and Dilbar. There will be a fight that will ensue between the lady and Heer in which the lady will try to harm Sunny. Heer will slap the lady, resulting in a big problem. Jeet will see Heer and will run to rescue her.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Ep 52 11th January Written Episode Update

Jeet tried to locate the whereabouts of Heer and Sunny. He reached the street leading to the brothel, but did not know where to check for them.

What will happen?

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show is produced by Dome Entertainment. It is about a young girl Heer Kaur Virk, a beautiful, vibrant young woman born into a Jatt family of Punjab. Her father is her weakness and strength and has taught her to stand up for what’s right, no matter what! Her biggest priority has always been the well-being of her family and her father. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she marries into the Atwal family. After a life-altering incident turns her world upside down, the show captures Heer’s journey of drawing from her inner strength, confronting injustice, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. The show has Avinesh Rekhi and Tanisha Mehta playing the leads.