Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment will see Heer requesting Jeet to help Kammo by giving her shelter and taking care of her.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Spoiler: Heer requests Jeet to give shelter to Kammo

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment has seen the intriguing twist of Jarnail’s shocking past coming to the fore. As we know, Jarnail’s anger when intoxicated cost him a big price when he ended up killing a girl by name Naina. Naina used to work in the J & J Pharmaceutical company, and she found out about the illegal dealing of drugs in their company. When she threatened to expose Jarnail, Jarnail beat Naina, poured oil on her and burnt her alive. This is the big sin that he committed and Rajvinder hid her son’s deed by getting rid of the dead body. She also saw to it that Naina’s mother was sent to the mental asylum. However, the episode shown, saw how Kammo escaped from the mental asylum and saw Heer (Tanisha Mehta) on the road.

In the coming episode, it will be shown that Heer and Naina were good friends and that Heer was looking for Naina and her mother who went missing all of a sudden. Kammo will bump into Heer. Kammo will tell Heer that Naina has been missing for years and that she has run away from the mental asylum and will want Heer’s help. Heer and Jeet (Avinesh Rekhi) will take Kammo to Jeet’s home. Heer will request Jeet to take care of Kammo by keeping her in his house.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Ep 23 13th December Written Episode Update

Heer and Kuldeep’s engagement ceremony happened. Kammo, Naina’s mother ran from the mental asylum and was on the run.

Will Heer realize that Naina has been killed by Jarnail?

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show is produced by Dome Entertainment. It is about a young girl Heer Kaur Virk, a beautiful, vibrant young woman born into a Jatt family of Punjab. Her father is her weakness and strength and has taught her to stand up for what’s right, no matter what! Her biggest priority has always been the well-being of her family and her father. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she marries into the Atwal family. After a life-altering incident turns her world upside down, the show captures Heer’s journey of drawing from her inner strength, confronting injustice, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. The show has Avinesh Rekhi and Tanisha Mehta playing the leads.