Kartik and Naira go through a major confrontation wherein Kartik will be shocked to see Naira’s reaction in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Life’s ‘new plans’ for Kartik and Naira in Yeh Rishta

‘Man proposes, but God disposes!!’

This is exactly what the long-running and successful Rajan Shahi show on Star Plus, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain will get into now!!

Well, after the divorce and the sudden realization of getting back together, Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) have been hellbent on reuniting. The urge to get married was seen in Kartik when he convinced Naira to meet him at the altar, where they wanted to secretely get married and then announce it to their families.

However, Naira did not turn up at the temple for marriage and this has left Kartik heartbroken!!

Well, the man wants to get his answers and is desperate to know if his lady love has betrayed him….. yet again..

Yes, he will be seen barging into the Singhania house to talk to Naira and get the answer out of her…

As per sources, “Naira’s reaction to Kartik’s question will be a total shocker to one and all. Her reaction will be surprising and shocking too. And this will give Kartik the hint of Naira having betrayed him in love.”


The philosophy that life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans, is what the makers will touch upon with this beautifully narrated track. This will lead to the new journey of Kartik and Naira after their desire to get married, comes falling. The outcome of all this will be that the entire equation between Kartik and Naira will change.

Are you all wondering what the reason is as to why Naira left Kartik stranded in the temple?

Well, we have a hint for you here.

Our sources suggest that, “The reason for Naira not turning up to marry Kartik will have something to do with Naira. There will not be a reason involving the families and the reason will not be an accident too.”

We have our thinking caps on at the moment!! Are you also pondering over the same thought?

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Gear up for the shocking revelations in Yeh Rishta today and tomorrow.


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