Maitree defeats Vasundhara in Zee TV’s show Maitree

Maitree: Maitree defeats Vasundhara

Zee TV’s popular show Maitree, produced by Sunshine Productions has kept its viewers hooked to television with its stellar cast and engaging storyline. As seen so far, Maitree keeps goods of her upcoming event in Tiwari house and goes out for some work. Soon, on Vasundhara’s instructions, Suman burns all the goods and gets stuck in the fire. Maitree risks her life and saves Suman. The latter feels guilty but stays silent.

Soon, Suman gets Vasundhara’s call and Ashish sees it. The latter questions Suman and she soon exposes Vasundhara’s plan of sending her to keep a watch on Maitree which shocks the entire family. Maitree and the entire family decide to team up against Vasundhara.

Now, in the coming episode, Maitree decides to put up an event. However, Vasundhara turns out to be the chief guest of the event. She creates new trouble for Maitree as she stops the models from coming to the event. Maitree gets worried but the family members turn models for her and walk the ramp. Maitree impresses the guests and win a reimbursement cheque.

OMG! What will happen next? Will Vasundhara create new trouble for Maitree?

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