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Manmohan Tiwari to get possessed in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai

&TV’s most popular show “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai” has kept audience’s interest alive with their quirky yet funny and exciting tracks. The forthcoming track will be no different and the audience will see their favorite Tiwariji getting possessed.

In the upcoming week, Saxena gets home a chair of a flop Bengali director as a prize. Meanwhile, Anita Bhabi (Saumya Tandon) expresses her desire to explore the glamorous world of acting. Learning that she wants to be an actress, Tiwari gets excited and promises to support her. Fun starts when he actually comes in contact with the director’s chair that Saxena has brought in and starts acting funny. He starts gabbling in Bengali and everyone comes to conclusion that he is affected by the Bengali directors ghost.

When asked Rohitashv Gour about the same, he said “In the upcoming episodes, I will be seen getting possessed. As an actor, I enjoy the various shades that I get to play and that’s what I believe also helps you grow. This track was definitely more challenging considering I had to recite my dialogues in Bengali after only conversing in UP dialect for so long. This was a fresh change but did require a lot of work to play with full conviction. Overall it was a funny sequence and we all had a great time shooting it.”

Will Tiwari get normal? Is he possessed by a ghost?

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