Manmeet and Meet fight with goons in Zee TV’s new show Meet

Meet: Manmeet and Meet fight with goons

Zee TV’s new show Meet produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. As seen so far, Sarkar soon puts water on Yashoda’s head and removes her sindoor. Yashoda stands speechless. Sarkar goes to perform a ritual with his second wife Jalebi but Meet stops him. Later, Meet challenges to stop his marriage with Jalebi.

Sarkar decides to kill Meet and sends his goons to kidnap her. Soon, the goons kidnap her and tie her to a wooden platform. They place a big cutter at one end as they decide to kill Meet. The latter pray for some miracle. As soon as Meet is about to get killed, Manmeet comes to her rescue and saves his life.

Now, in the coming episode, the goons stop Manmeet from taking Meet with him. Soon, Manmeet gets angry and fights with the goons. Meet also joins Manmeet and defeats the goons. Later, Manmeet and Meet sit together and discuss their plan to stop Sarkar’s wedding. Soon, Sarkar overhears their conversation.

What will happen next? Will Sarkar kick out Manmeet from the house?

Keep reading for more updates.

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