Pankti to have a fall in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

Pankti will be injured in Zee TV's Aap Ke Aa Jane Se which will bring in drama.

Pankti to have a fall in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se produced by Bodhi Tree will see huge drama during Makar Sankranti celebrations.

As we know with the entry of Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) in the life of Sahil (Karan Jotwani) things have changed for Vedika (Suhasi Dhami).

Pankti’s father Tejpal (Amit Behl) has been creating havoc and will do all the more…

The Sankranti celebration will be halted with Tejpal sending his henchmen to kill Vedika. However there will be a twist.

As per sources, “The henchmen will try to push Vedika from top but will end up pushing Pankti instead.”

With Pankti getting injured there will b chaos. And Sahil will be with Pankti, taking care of her.

We buzzed actors but could not get through.

Watch this space for updates.

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