Drama galore in &TV’s Perfect Pati produced by Film Farm India with Pushkar becoming obsessive lover

Pushkar to torture Vidhita in &TV’s Perfect Pati

&TV’s daily Perfect Pati (Film Farm India) has been churning out interesting twists and turns.

The on-going drama has kept audience glued to the screen.

In the coming episode, Pushkar (Ayush Anand) will torture poor girl Vidhita (Sayali Sanjeev).

As per a reliable source, “Everyone would be at the dining table and the power will go off. Rangeela would tell them that in their village when the power goes off, the entire family sits out on the porch and talk or play antakshri to entertain themselves. Soon, Pushkar will take everyone in the hall and lay out mattresses to sit and play antakshri.”

Meanwhile, Rajyashree (Jaya Prada) will seem to be upset as she will sense tension between Vidhita and Pushkar as she would notice that they aren’t talking to each other.

Later, in the dark, Pushkar will try to torture the girl by dropping hot wax from a candle on Vidhita’s leg and makes a letter ‘P’ with it. Poor girl Vidhita will not react or shout in the open, but will go back to her room and cry hard.

Will she manage to change Pushkar’s obsessive behaviour?

We called Sayali but she was busy shooting.

Are you excited to watch the intriguing drama? Drop in your comments in the section below.

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