Qurbaan Hua will see Chahat being in a spot of bother with the alliance of Naveli getting broken.

Qurbaan Hua Spoiler Alert: Chahat BLAMED for ruining Naveli’s wedding

Qurbaan Hua the Zee TV show produced by Full House Media will see huge drama when Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) will try to find out more about Naveli’s (Alisha Parveen) boyfriend and also about the secret behind Saraswati’s death.

As we know and have written, Alekh (Nishad Vaidya) will try to kill Chahat by throwing her into the well. However, Neel will see this happening and will save Chahat.

All this drama will result in Naveli’s alliance getting broken. And this will be because of Chahat.

Yes, we also wrote about Chahat being thrown out of the house and she sitting in the snowy ambience all alone and worried. We also wrote about how Neel comforted her.

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Now in the coming drama, Chahat will be questioned and blamed for breaking Naveli’s alliance.

Why will Chahat be blamed? Is this the reason why she is thrown out of the house?

We buzzed actors of Qurbaan Hua but could not get through.

To know what happens next on Qurbaan Hua, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!!

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