Zee TV’s Manmohini will see a huge highpoint with Ram being attacked brutally by Chakua. Read here for details.

Ram on the verge of breathing his last in Zee TV’s Manmohini

Zee TV’s supernatural love drama Manmohini produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films will see a huge high point with Ram (Ankit Siwach) being in danger of losing his life.

The recent entry of Rakhi Sawant as the Maharashtrian daayan called Chakua has raised lot of curiosity.

Also, Chakua has already given indications to doing whatever she wants, even if it is going against Mohini (Reyhna Pandit).

In the upcoming drama, viewers will see Ram being attacked really badly by Chakua. He will have a terrible loss of blood and will be on the verge of breathing his last.

We hear that this high point will give rise to a new situation wherein both Mohini and Siya (Garima Rathore) will get together to save him.

Will Ram be saved? What will Chakua do next?

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.


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