Sanjog the Zee TV show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen the engrossing twists of Amrita (Shefali Sharma) getting to know about Chandni being her real daughter. However, the truth is exposed to Gauri (Kamya Punjabi) too when she discretely reads the papers kept by Amrita. Gauri now understands that Chandni can fetch her a fortune.

We saw how Gauri in her drunken state, demanded Rs 20 crore from Amrita. Amrita now takes the big decision of giving Gauri the money she wants. However, Amrita has a big dilemma to face, as she cannot reveal the truth to Rajeev.

The coming episode will see Gauri taking the upper hand and dominating Amrita. She will very well know that Amrita’s weakness lies in her daughter Chandni. We will see Gauri threatening Amrita for money. She will tell Amrita that till the time the entire money does not come to her, Chandni will be with her and not with Amrita.

How will Amrita work out this adoption strategy without Rajiv getting to know about it?