New drama to bring twist in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi...

Sindoora to plan an evil move against Suman in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi

Loyal viewers of &TV’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi (The House of Originals) have finally witnessed Ranveer (Abhishek Malik) and Suman (Sonali Nikam) tying the knot in the popular daily.

Now, as per tradition, the new daughter-in-laws will have to prepare a sweet dish for Dadi Sa. However, Suman will learn about Veer’s (Pallas Prajapati) injury so she would rush to see him in the middle of the preparation.

Later, Suman would meet Veer and put him to sleep. But when she will return, everyone will be disappointed with her behaviour as Sindoora (Tasneem Sheikh) would have meddled with the sweet dish that she prepared in her absence.

Furthermore, Sindoora will slyly place an expensive neckpiece, a gift to Tayiji from Tayaji, in Suman’s bag before she would leave for the ‘pag phera’ ceremony.

Later, everyone in the house would start searching for it. When Suman will return home wearing the missing necklace, Sindoora will call her a thief. Further, Suman and Ranveer will quarrel over the issue.

Will Suman be able to prove her innocence?

Sonali was busy shooting.

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