Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Daksh (Avinesh Rekhi) planning to poison Devraj at the party. However, with Krisha (Anjali Tatrari) playing spoilsport, Daksh will put himself to danger when he will pretend to be saving Devraj, by eating the cake himself. This will put Daksh’s life in danger.

The coming episode will put Krisha in a big dilemma when she will wonder whether to believe that Daksh is bad or to believe in the fact that Daksh saved Devraj by consuming the poisoned food. Devraj will however, lose trust in Krisha and will order her to stay away from Daksh.

The coming episode will clear all the doubts of Krisha when she will see Daksh planning yet again and this time, Krisha will see Daksh’s real face.

Krisha will be determined to expose Daksh before Devraj.

Can she do it?