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Vidhita to get drunk in &TV’s Perfect Pati

&TV’s newly launched show Perfect Pati (Film Farm India) will soon have a party sequence in the coming episode.

According to our sources, Pushkar (Ayush Anand) and Vidhita (Sayali Sanjeev) will get ready to go out for a party. At the party, Pushkar will purposely mix alcohol in Vidhita’s drink. Vidhita would consume the drink and get drunk. She would dance which would be an embarrassing moment for herself and everyone else.

Later, the next day, Vidhita will apologize to Rajyashree (Jaya Prada) and tell her that she wasn’t aware of the alcohol in her drink. Rajyashree would then scold Pushkar and tell him that he should take care of his wife and that such a thing shouldn’t happen again.

Poor Vidhita, how will she come out of this situation?

We couldn’t connect with Sayali for a comment.

Watch this particular sequence in coming days.

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