Drama galore in &TV’s show, Agnifera.

Vishu to kidnap Ragini and Vikraal in &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s popular daily Agnifera (R & R Creations) is leaving no stone unturned to entertain audience with its intriguing drama.

As seen so far, Vishu (Mohak Khurana) tries to kill Srishti’s (Simran Kaur) unborn child but fails in his plan.

Now, in the forthcoming drama, Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) will take Vikraal (Amit Koushik) to the hospital after he would faint and would be unconscious due to a panic attack. Ragini will catch Vishu while he will try to kill Vikraal.

Furthermore, they will both engage in a fight and Vishu will manage to win. Soon, Vishu will kidnap Ragini and Vikraal.

What will happen next? Who will turn Ragini’s saviour?

Unfortunately, Mohak remained unavailable for comment.

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