Buzz doing rounds is that the leads of Colors’ Tantra, Gautam Vig and Sargun Kaur share a very close bond which is beyond being good friends.

Are Tantra leads Gautam Vig and Sargun Kaur more than friends?

Love is strange and intimidating, and at times does not understand convention and rules.

Well, if the grapevine is to be believed, the lead actors of Colors show Tantra, Gautam Vig and Sargun Kaur could have apparently crossed the barrier of being just ‘friends.’

Well, the buzz around in the industry is that the two are allegedly very comfortable in each other’s presence. Eye-witnesses have also apparently spotted them together out of the work zone too.

While link-ups between actors working in the same show are common, this ‘supposed closeness’ between Gautam and Sargun raises brows, as Gautam is already married to actor Ankit Gera’s sister, Richa.

Gautam first came on the scene in the film Flat, and later he moved to the small screen with Naamkaran, Ishq Subhan Allah and now Tantra. Sargun meanwhile has previously done Kaal Bhairav Rahasya.

We reached out to Gautam who completely denied the link up saying he is happily married. Our

Our attempts to reach out to Sargun came to nought.

We truly understand and believe that an actor’s personal space cannot be treaded upon. But as journalists, we are only going with the flow and reporting about this rumoured linkup after hearing about it from various sources.

Disclaimer: Any content appearing under ‘Gossip’ section is purely gossip and does not comply with the same.

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