In today's episode of Bepanah Pyaar we see Raghbir hugs Pragati and wipes off the tears from her eyes. Everyone takes care of Pragati.

Bepanah Pyaar 03 Sept 2019 Full Episode Written Updates: Raghbir Hugs Pragati

Today’s episode of 03 Sept 2101 starts as we see Pragati baths Lord Krishna’s idol and then puts clothes on the idol. Dadi remarks that she looks just like Baani. She was also very attached to Shree Krishna. Pragati says I am also one of his Gopi’s. Dadi agrees.

Gopi and Aditi ask about Raghbir. Will we have to bring him here like last year? Shefali tells him it won’t happen. Gopi says we will see it ourselves. Where is he? Pragati says he must be around. Raghbir asks them how everyone is. Aditi smiles seeing the bottle in his hand and him falter in his steps. Everyone else is taken aback especially Pragati. Raghbir tells everyone to enjoy. Aditi asks Pragati why she looks so sad. I told you he will drink! Raghbir is about to stumble but he does not let Pragati help him. He dances around everyone while singing Mach Gaya Shor song. Pragati is sad. Gopi tells Tina he was certain Raghbir will get drunk. Tina smiles. Aditi asks Pragati why she is quiet now. A mother is a mother and a wife remains just a wife! She may know her husband well but she does not know Raghbir enough than his mother. I dint want Raghbir to lose but I know my son well. I have been staying with him since so many years. I know he cannot live without drinking. Raghbir holds Pragati’s tear on his finger. He says dialogue and winks at her. Pragati smiles. He wipes her tears. Don’t waste your tears for everyone. She asks him if he did not drink today. He says you trusted me so much today. How could I break it? He shows the empty bottle to her. She smells it and smiles in relief. He looks at his mother. How was my acting? Everyone smiles. Badi Ma recalls seeing Raghbir holding his bottle. Pragati is thinking about you and so are many others but you are drinking about this? She hasn’t left you alone since morning so you will stay away from this bottle. If Aditi wins, Pragati’s faith and my love will lose! I won’t stop you if you will still drink! Raghbir asks her what the bet amount is. She tells him. He says you could have placed a good amount. She says no amount is enough in this case. Go downstairs and try to bring a smile on Pragati’s face. Flashback ends. Badi Ma smiles.

Raghbir tells his mother and Mama that kids learn from their elders. Think for Priya’s sake if not me. Prashant is waiting outside for Pragati. Seems like she is stuck with some work. I will have to go inside now.

The kids ask Gopi for money. Priya tells them against taking a cheque. It will bounce! They ask for cash. Gopi gives them reluctantly.
Raghbir dances on Radhe Radhe song. Pragati and Raghbir’s eyes are glued to each other. He pulls her for the dance as well. Pragati brings everyone as well. She notices Harshit walking to a corner to attend a call. Tina walks up to him. Prashant comes in the disguise of a dancer and asks Pragati to meet him outside. Raghbir catches hold of his hand while going. Pragati fears that Prashant might get caught. She pulls Raghbir at that exact moment. Prashant mingles with the crowd again. They both signal each other about the meeting. Badi Ma asks everyone to come for the puja. Everyone does aarti one by one. Pragati holds Raghbir’s hand shyly during the aarti.

Prashant is getting impatient. Pragati notices everyone praying with their eyes closed and walks up to Prashant. She takes out the proof. This story will end the moment the fingerprint matches! It will be proved that you dint love Baani but murder her! Raghbir steps aside to take a call. She notices the chandelier falling and runs towards Raghbir. She pushes him just in time but gets hurt in the process.
Everyone is stunned. Raghbir tends to Pragati’s wound. Someone call a doctor! Pragati looks at him.

A doctor is doing Pragati’s bandage while she is sleeping. Badi Ma looks at Raghbir. He asks the doc about Pragati. The doctor says she is fine but Raghbir refuses to accept it. There must be shards. She must be hurt. The doctor assures him she is fine. Raghbir warns Pragati not to step down from the bed. Are you iron man’s wife? Won’t you get hurt? Stop acting like Mother India. Think about yourself too. She asks him what if something had happened to him. He says I would have been hurt. I would have died if something had happened to you! He goes quiet and hugs her shocking Pragati. Everyone else smiles. Pragati stops herself from hugging him back. I am fine. He breaks the hug. Badi Ma looks at Raghbir as he leaves.

Raghbir comes on the terrace. Badi Ma’s words echo in his head. A song plays in the background. He thinks of all that has happened today. It cannot happen! How can I love someone else? I only love Baani. I cannot love someone else! He throws/breaks stuff angrily. He falls down on his knees feeling helpless. A tear escapes his eyes as he thinks of Baani. The Written update of 03 Sept 2019 Bepanah Pyaar ends here.

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