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Bepanah Pyaar 06 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Kuldeep faints while convincing Raghbir to come out of his room.

Bepanah Pyaar 06 August2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kuldeep falls sick

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 06 August episode begins with Pragati (Ishita Dutta) enquiring Kuldeep why she couldn’t sleep. Kuldeep said he couldn’t sleep. Pragati gave her medicine and thought she wanted to tell her something. She said she had to tell her something. Kuldeep said if she was fine with family. They were all whispering her name in press conference, don’t worry about anything. Pragati said she was okay, don’t worry. In morning, Nakul was singing. Raghbir asked him to stop it and started drinking.

Pragati recalled him getting scared seeing Bani last night. Nakul asked Raghbir (Pearl Puri) what happened to him. Raghbir scolded him and servants also, he left. Kuldeep said Pragati did she have a fight with him. She said no. Kuldeep said she was his wife, go and talk to him. Raghbir came to Kuldeep’s room, he locked them out. Preeti asked him to come out and eat something. Kuldeep asked him to not drink. Pragati said he won’t open door like this. They all looked inside his room from window. Raghbir said let him be. Kuldeep said listen to them.

Raghbir locked window and started drinking. Pragati started bragging about good food. Raghbir said he didn’t need it. Kuldeep said if he didn’t open the door, they will keep knocking. Kuldeep got tired. Raghbir said they all were pretending. Kuldeep fainted. Raghbir came out of room and took her from there. Doctor checked Kuldeep. Aditi recalled changing her medicine and said she didn’t take care of herself. Servant brought juice for her. Aditi and Shalu left. Pragati gave medicine to Kuldeep. Aditi told Shalu that they will know truth soon and asked her to bring her reports for blood test. Pragati hid and thought if they got her blood tests.

She recalled how someone had pricked a needle in her arm earlier. She said they can’t know that she was Bani. Pragati was leaving but Raghbir said where she was going. He had to talk to her. Pragati said her friend was ill so she was going to see her. Raghbir said Kuldeep will feel bad if she didn’t go to her so take care of her. Kuldeep came there and asked Pragati to go. She left. Raghbir brought Kuldeep to her room and asked her to take rest. Kuldeep said he acted like a kid, she was fine. He joked with her. Kuldeep said she was getting tired after taking these medicines. Raghbir said her medicines were finished. He will bring them. The written update of 06 August2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Raghbir spots Pragati in the hospital and asks her why she was there. Stay tuned!

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