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Bepanah Pyaar 23 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Dev came to help Priya but Raghbir misunderstands Dev and ends up beating him.

Bepanah Pyaar 23 August 2019 Written Update Preview:  Raghbir beats up Dev

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 23 August episode begins with Pragati (Ishita Dutta) bumping into the maid on her way out. She signalled her that she found a very important clue about the killer so she was going. She decided to follow Pragati but Dadi opened the door just then. She took the maid inside with her. The maid informed the mystery guy on phone about Pragati’s actions. Raghbir (Raghbir) said he was going to office to give bonus to people. His sisters asked about Pragati. Raghbir received Pragati’s text. He had urgent work so he was going. His mother said how she could go without informing. Raghbir said she wasn’t a kid. She was acting like the in laws of TV serials. The mystery guy was following Pragati’s car. She reached orphanage. She looked around and wondered why Prashant had called her here. The mystery guy followed her at a distance. He was wearing black clothes from top to toe. Pragati met Prashant who introduced her to the owner of the orphanage, Anil. He ran a secret forensic lab here to avoid everyone’s prying eyes. He had told him everything. They can conduct their investigations here if needed. Pragati thanked Anil. The mystery guy walked past some kids. One guy serving them something looked at the mystery guy.

Dev hid seeing Raghbir’s car but Raghbir had seen him. He stepped down to look but did not see Dev there. It was good that he ran away or he would have beaten him otherwise. Dev heaved a sigh of relief seeing him leave. He would have been beaten if he had been caught. It was enough Priya. Raghbir asked David why the house was so quiet. David shared that everyone was watching a movie. Raghbir nodded. Anil said they can still match Raghbir’s fingerprints with the evidence if they get hold of his fingerprints somehow. They will get our proof if it matched. The mystery guy collided with a kid and pushed him. He walked away without glancing back at the kid even once. A lady asked him to watch his step. He pushed the poor kid. She wondered why he had covered himself like that. The mystery guy paid no heed. Pragati, Prashant and Anil looked in his direction but saw nothing. Pragati gave a glass to Anil. They went inside the lab to match Raghbir’s fingerprints with the evidence. Raghbir was in his room. He was thinking of what happened in the morning. He cannot sleep there. Pragati would sleep here and he will sleep on the sofa.

Their journey was only till here, Mr. Bed. He spoke to the sofa. He heard Priya’s scream and ran. Priya was shouting all along. Raghbir broke the door. He found Dev cupping Priya’s face. Dev told him to listen to him but Raghbir beat him. Dev requested him again but Raghbir said he heard him in parking lot but he wasn’t worth talking to. He was about to break his head with a bottle but Dev ducked. Raghbir hit him on his nose with his head. Priya gave Raghbir her swear to stop him. He did not do anything. He came there to save her. Anil came to his lab but the bag was missing. Pragati told him to remember where he had kept it exactly. Anil said he remembered keeping it right here. Flashback showed the mystery guy stealing the bag while Pragati, Prashant and Anil were still outside. They decided to check with the staff. Raghbir told Priya not to lie. Priya said Dev came there to save me from the snake. Raghbir asked Dev what he was doing here. Dev said he came to meet her but she was. Flashback was shown where Priya saw a snake and started screaming. Dev heard her and climbed up her window. He jumped inside quietly while she kept shouting at Dev to stop. He threw his jacket on the snake and then packed it in a box.

Priya was crying badly by now. Dev told her to relax. Everything was fine. Flashback ended. Dev handed a glass of water to Priya who asked him why he was giving it to her. Raghbir told him to drink it. Dev said he did what a brother would have done for his sister. Even he would have done that. He cleared that he would have done it for his sister also. Raghbir called him confused. Dev asked him if he will only take him to doctor. Raghbir said split personality. He became like that when he didn’t understand logic. Now he knew the logic. Dev asked about the snake. Raghbir said they will drop it in jungle. Priya and Dev looked at each other. Raghbir told him to finish exchanging glances first. Pragati noticed the mystery guy running away with the bag and chased him. Prashant and Anil went after him from a different direction. The mystery guy fell down while running. Pragati was about to reach out to him when Harshit patted at her shoulder. She noticed the mystery guy missing and ran away. Harshit asked her what happened but she replied that she will tell later. Prashant and Anil beat the mystery guy. He was the tea vendor of Ashram. Pragati asked him why he was running. She saw him stealing the bag myself. She will call police if he won’t tell. He shared that he found it lying in a corner. He wore it as it was nice.

He was not a thief. Pragati let him go. Prashant wondered who it was. She recalled that the mystery guy had collided with a kid. A lady spotted him. She must know how he looked. She approached that same lady and asked about the mystery guy but she hadn’t seen his face. Pragati doubted Harshit and ran. Prashant said he might be around. They can still catch him. They asked everyone nearby but didn’t find any information about Harshit. Pragati said maybe someone knew that she was coming here. She was being followed. Only the one pretending to be her nice husband can do this. She escaped everyone’s eyes while leaving from the house but she couldn’t escape him. Prashant asked her what they should do now. Pragati replied that now only she had to do everything. Pragati stormed inside her room but Raghbir wasn’t there. He entered just then. She went downstairs and looked him in his eyes. The written update of 23 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Pragati spots Raghbir keeping a black bag in the car. Raghbir and Pragati come face to face. Stay tuned!

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