Today’s Imlie episode starts with Chini forcing Imlie to drink it but Atharv bumps into Imlie and the glass falls down. Chini thinks her plan flopped again. Parul comes and calls her mother to join her in dancing. Imlie says sorry to Atharv in Hindi and the latter gets confused. He asks her what that girl’s name is. Imlie tells her own name and Atharv asks for Chini’s name. He leaves and she picks up the broken glass parts. She says she couldn’t thank him properly and Sundar teases her saying she desperately needs a friend with whom she can talk. Else why is she talking to herself? Atharv talks to Chini and tries to flirt with her. She asks him not to act like a hero. He says he helped her before and can help her in the future too.

Then in Imlie, Aryan tells that he can fulfill all her wishes. Chini says if she can really take his help. He says he will help her on one condition, she has to tell her name. She shakes hands with him saying after her work she will do so. She thinks the bride will finally run away tomorrow. Imlie explains the mother and daughter bond beautifully. She says the importance of a mother to a daughter. Atharv’s mother praises Imlie’s thinking and asks where her mother is, she must be proud of her. Imlie says she lost her parents and she meets them only in dreams. Devika apologizes to her for asking and Imlie tells her not to get upset. Imlie goes to see if Parul is ready or not.

Rudra is impressed by Imlie’s attitude and the way she respects her parents which is very uncommon nowadays. Parul looks sad and Chini says she will help her elope. She calls Atharv inside and asks him to help Parul run away. Atharv asks but Baraat has arrived already. Chini lies to him about how Parul’s parents forced her to marry the groom and locked her in a room, they didn’t even give her food. Her true love is someone else. Atharv says love can never be wrong. He agrees to help them. Imlie thinks it’s good Parul didn’t go after that criminal who sent her to the police station.

Later in the Imlie serial, Imlie doesn’t find Parul in her room and gets scared. Arpita and Rupy talk about Imlie’s marriage and Narmada says she will be the happiest when Imlie will finally leave her house. Arpita says she also lost her brother and her bhabi, why can’t Narmada stop cursing an innocent girl? Narmada says she will feel pity for Imlie’s in-laws. She is a jinx. Parul’s mother asks Imlie where Parul is. Imlie hesitates and Narmada also questions her. They check the room and Parul’s mother panics seeing Parul is not there. Chini and Atharv tell Parul to get inside the car and leave. Chini thinks Imlie can’t come first all the time, she will make Imlie lose. Imlie thinks it’s done by Chini for sure as she suggested to Parul to elope with her lover.

Lastly in Imlie, Imlie can’t expose Chini’s name in front of all. Chini comes back and reveals Parul ran away from her wedding. She decides to inform everyone but Imlie says she doesn’t need to do that. Imlie vows to find Parul before the wedding. Chini asks Imlie why she is trying to be over-smart. Imlie says what Chini felt right she did but now she will do what she feels right. Chini should not interfere. Imlie fears that Parul’s lover will ruin Parul’s life. Chini leaves in anger saying Imlie has no idea what she is saying. Atharv comes to call her. Imlie seeks his help to go out to search for Parul. Atharv doesn’t reveal he helped Parul elope else he will get blamed. Imlie also doesn’t tell him the reason, thinking he should not know the bride is missing. She says she wants to buy some stuff for Parul. Atharv drives the car and Imlie tells him the directions. He plays music in the car and she tells him to turn right and there she sees someone. She gets shocked.

Picture Credit- Hotstar