Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imlie reciting her poem and Atharv thinks he heard it too. She tells him to stop the car and she just sees Parul. Parul is crying on the road and Imlie says to Atharv it’s urgent so she tells him to stop the car. Imlie asks her what happened and she says her boyfriend is a thief and a cheater. He left with the jewels she was wearing. Her parents must have been worried as she disappointed them a lot. Imlie says she can understand her pain and she says she has a plan and Parul doesn’t need to worry. Groom’s family asks about Parul and her parents say that she went to a temple, and she will be back after some time. Groom’s relative criticizes Parul and the groom says he will wait for her.

Then in Imlie, Chini tells Arpita they are wasting their time and Imlie will not be able to bring Parul back. She decides to tell the truth to the groom’s family. Arpita says she trusts Imlie and Rupy also stops Chini and says she has faith in Imlie and that the latter will fulfill her promise for sure. It’s in her blood. Chini tells them that Imlie is Aryan’s daughter and not Aryan himself who was able to solve every problem. Imlie meets the thief in the disguise of an old woman. She says she can’t walk due to the heavy jewels she is wearing. The thief feels greedy and he says she can give them the jewels for some time, he will keep them safely in his bag. He lies that Parul’s jewels are his mother’s jewels.

Imlie asks for water and when he goes to bring it, she exchanges the fake jewels with Parul’s real ones. He leaves by bus after pushing her away. Parul gets happy to see Imlie’s plan worked and Imlie says he only had greed but these jewels are her parents’ blessings. Parul says she is ready to marry the groom and she wants to assure her parents that she is happily married. Imlie says Parul can think twice if she is not ready yet after the heartbreak. Parul says she is fine. Groom’s parents ask Parul’s parents about Parul and if they are hiding something. Parul’s parents tell them to relax and eat something. Chini thinks they are all stupid and spending money for Parul’s marriage but Parul ran away for her so-called love.

Later in Imlie, Chini says she is smart and she will marry the richest guy. She bumps into Rudra and tells him to use a walking stick if he can’t walk. Rudra feels strange. Groom tells his parents that Parul will be back. Imlie runs away with Parul from the bus which is coming towards them. Parul’s boyfriend threatens the driver with a knife and says Imlie or Parul can’t ruin his plan. Atharv arrives with his car and Parul’s boyfriend tells him to move aside. Atharv beats him and the latter says Parul betrayed him by giving him fake jewels. He won’t spare her. He hits Atharv and the latter says he is the betrayer, not Parul. He doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Chini serves food to guests and tells them to not wait for something which will never happen.

Lastly in Imlie, Rupy goes to stop her and scolds her for talking nonsense. Chini says it’s Parul who ran away, she is only trying to tell the truth. Atharv beats the thief saying he made love as business and he will never understand what love is. Parul loved him and he only cheated on her. Imlie gets impressed when she slaps the thief. Then she thanked Atharv for his help. They get the thief arrested. Parul thanks Atharv saying he helped her run away but she was at fault she didn’t value Punit and his family and trusted a cheater. She wants to go back and apologize to them. Imlie is surprised to know Atharv helped Parul elope. Parul is about to reveal Chini’s name but then they leave when Atharv gets his brother’s call.

Picture Credit- Hotstar