The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Anger and Vansh going to the location where Ridhima kept Kabir. Angre says he saw the same security guard who was in the jungle and he was helping Kabir to drink water.

Vansh says Ridhima is hiding Kabir and he needs to know the reason. Angre and Vansh get into the room and finds the security guard unconscious. Angre wakes him and tries to find some information from him. The guard says he doesn’t know anything, he was just taking care of Kabir. Angre asks him to spill the truth. The guard says he doesn’t know anything.

Meanwhile, Aryan takes the pics of Kiara’s tattoo and tries to find the meaning. Aryan says he cannot understand the language. Aryan says he will get the black box from Vansh and open the box by decoding the tattoo and then he will king and Kiara will be his queen. Aryan hugs Kiara and smiles.

Later, Siya stops Ridhima and asks where she is going. Ridhima says it’s not Siya’s concern to know about her. Siya asks Ridhima to stay away from Vyom or else she will tell everything to Vansh. Ridhima says Siya can tell everything to Vansh, so that Ridhima also get a chance to tell Vansh that Siya is in love with their enemy, Vyom.

Siya goes to Vansh and says she saw Ridhima going somewhere and thinks that she is planning something. Siya asks Vansh to keep eye on Ridhima.

Meanwhile, Ishani is trying to convince Angre to take her out on a date. Vansh enters. Ishani stops Vansh and says Angre is not his puppet and he will not follow Vansh’s order. Ishani says if Angre leaves with Vansh, then she will commit suicide. Vansh says he will complete his work on his own.
Angre gets angry and tells Ishani that Vansh is like a brother to him. And for his Vansh is above all. Angre leaves.
Aryan comes to Ishani and says he has something important to share. Angre realises that he forgot his phone in his room. Aryan tells Ishani that Vansh has a black box and there is a tattoo on Kiara’s back, which is somehow related to the black box. Angre hears their conversation and informs Vansh about it through the telephone. Sia hears Vansh and Angre’s conversation.

Later, Ridhima tries to decode the tattoo and realises that the pic she clicks is incomplete. Ridhima returns to her room and sees Vansh hanging a rope. She asks what is Vansh planning. Vansh questions her back and asks where is she returning from.