The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Vansh asking where Ridhima wants to go out for a dinner. Ridhima asks Vansh why he suddenly made a plan to take her on a date. Vansh says they have been going through a lot and need some private time with his Ridhima, whom he loves the most. Ridhima pulls the rope. Flower petals fall on her and she gets happy.
Vansh says marriage’s decided from heaven, it’s all the humans who spoil it. Vansh says he doesn’t want his and Ridhima’s marriage to spoil. Ridhima hugs Vansh and says she loves him. Ridhima pushes Vansh on the bed and goes closer to him.

Vansh gets a call. Kiara asks Vansh to save him as her life is in danger and someone is trying to kill her. Vansh calls Angre and asks him to search Kiara. Vansh and Angre start searching Kiara. Ridhima asks Vansh whom he is searching. Vansh says he needs to Kiara. Ridhima asks why. Vansh says he cannot tell Ridhima the reason, but he needs to find Kiara.
Ridhima also starts searching Kiara. Ridhima notices something fell from the terrace. She realises that Kiara fell from the terrace. Ridhima calls out Vansh and Angre.

Vansh asks Angre to check Kiara. Angre checks Kiara and says she is not breathing. Angre notices that the tattoo on her back is erased. Vansh asks what was Kiara doing on the terrace. Dadi says Kiara might have committed suicide.
Vansh says someone murdered Kiara. Vansh says that he will send Kiara’s body to the autopsy and will find out what happened with Kiara.
Meanwhile, Ridhima thinks the person who knows about the black box and the tattoo can kill Kiara. Ridhima suspects Vansh.

Later, Ridhima confronts Vansh and asks how can he kill Kiara. Ridhima says Kaira had a tattoo and the very 1st thing Angre checked in Kiara was her tattoo which means they are aware of the tattoo and must have killed Kiara. Vansh says he did not kill Kiara.

After some time, someone follows Ridhima and writes a message on the ground “I am aware of the 6 hours secret, shall I tell Vansh”.