The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Sara leaving by dropping keys. Vansh stops the staff and asks him to give a message to Ridhima. The staff tells Ridhima that Vansh has asked her to meet at the poolside. Ridhima goes there and calls out for him. Vansh shouts for help and falls, Ridhima calls Angre he says Vansh had gone for Sauna. Ridhima goes to help him. Vansh tries to open the door but can’t. He faints and starts bleeding. Ridhima sees fallen keys, she opens the door. She sees Vansh fallen and asks him to open his eyes. She cries out for help. Ridhima calls Angre and says Vansh fainted. She tried to wake him. Vansh gains consciousness, she hugs him and asks if he is fine. He says he is fine. He says he doesn’t know what happened, the heat got high and he fainted. Ridhima hugs him and says she won’t let anything happen to him.

Sara plays with Ishani, Aryan joins. Ishani tells Aryan doesn’t try Sara won’t be impressed. He says only time will show that. He calls Sara darling, she says she is not his darling. He insists she is. She gets angry and throws the ball at his head. Aryan says it’s okay, Sara says she didn’t apologise. Ishani calls Angre to join. Sara leaves. She says it’s strange the hotel owner Vansh died and no one cares. Ridhima strangles Sara. she says if she tries to harm Vansh, then she will die a painful death. Sara holds her neck and asks will she kill her she calls Ridhima a coward. She says her first attempt to kill Vansh failed but that doesn’t mean he will not die. Ridhima warns her, Sara leaves. Vansh and Angre are waiting for Augustin. A man comes to the reception and says he is Augustin D’costa and has a room booked here. Vyom looks at him.

Augustin goes to the room keeps the bags filled with diamonds and gold bars in the room and leaves. He gives the key to Angre. Vyom steals the bags. Augustin goes in and finds out that bags are missing he informs Vansh. Vansh checks the CCTV footage and finds out Vyom stole it. He follows him, Vyom tries to check out. Vansh stops him and says he has something that belongs to him. Vyom challenges to come and take it from him. Vansh says this place is not right for this transaction and takes him out. Vansh says that the bags belong to him. Vyom says it’s his now. He points a gun at Vansh and says he surely will be defeated. Sara points the gun at him too.