The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev asking Bijoy who told him to get chicken. Bijoy after a little bit of acting reveals that it was Ishwari. Everyone in the family is shocked. Dev asks Ishwari why she told Bijoy to get chicken. Ishwari scolds Bijoy that he couldn’t do even one task right. She then explains that she has made certain rules but she decided to bend them for her children’s happiness. Ishwari says Veid likes chicken so she thought of doing this. Veid comes and hugs Ishwari thanking him. She gets really happy as Veid calls her dadi. While eating Soha tells Gollu that she can’t believe they are getting to eat chicken because of Aayush. Gollu asks her when she changed her side.

Dev says this is the first time Ishwari and Bijoy are on the same side. While joking Dev mentions Asha maa which upsets Sonakshi so she leaves. The next morning Sonakshi is getting ready, Dev asks about what happened at the dinner table last night. Sonakshi says she doesn’t want to talk about it. They talk about their next session, Sonakshi asks Dev how will they tell Ishwari. Ishwari comes asking what they want to tell her. Dev wants to tell her that he has a meeting in Noida and will come late. Sonakshi says even though she has a Meeting, they both leave. Ishwari thinks that they are hiding something.

During the session, the doctor gives Dev and Sonakshi a few tasks and asks them a few questions. The doctor then asks to pose as a couple while drinking juice. Dev and Sonakshi pose while sitting far away. The doctor asks if it is their best pose. She says that they are sitting far away from each other so that a third person can come and sit between them. The doctor shows them the picture and an old picture of them enjoying their drink together. She asks if they can see the difference. The doctor says they are living in different worlds while living together.

Dev is in the office when a woman asks him where the charging point is. Dev recognises that she is the same woman from the bouquet shop. She hands him his letter. Dev asks if she read it. She says no but mummers it was romantic. She requests him to let her charge her phone as it’s dead and she needs to check cricket scores. Dev says he has never seen a woman so fond of cricket. They both have a good talk and introduce each other as Dev and Sanjana. Sanjana says it’s serendipity as she met him twice. Dev says it’s just a coincidence.

Alena asks Sonakshi where Dev is. Sonakshi says he had a meeting. Alena asks if it was with a woman as she saw him with a woman and it didn’t look like a formal meeting. Sonakshi refuses to believe it. Alena asks Sonakshi if she remembers her card. Alena says maybe this woman is the storm in their life. Sonakshi remembers how the doctor said they are so far away that anyone can come between them.