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In today's episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see Rishabh continuously trying to convince Preeta to refuse to marry Prithvi.

Kundali Bhagya 06 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rishabh tries convincing Preeta to Refuse

Prithvi wonders that it was the reason his mother was tensed, she explains that her mother knows he was the one behind the accident of Mahesh, she says that now Preeta will not be able to enter the Luthras house, as she has saved the one who is behind the accident of Mahesh, she also says that now she will not meet him and remain loyal to Sarla, they will not meet, she says that he must marry Preeta as she is going to marry the enemy of Luthra, he gets a call from Sarla asking that they are getting late as they have to marry because after this date it cannot happen.

Pandit explains to Bi jee that they have to marry on the same date because they would not be able to hold the marriage as it would not be right, they are talking when all of them come, Pandit explains that they have to start the rituals again as the bride left the Mandap, Prithvi asks for some time to get fresh as he has gotten tired, Bi jee also takes Preeta away to get fresh.

Rishabh is driving thinking of what Mahesh said to him, he is driving but about to kill a guy who is drunk, he gets out after listening to what he has to say he helps him in sitting down on a path, he asks if Rishabh has gone through the phase of broken heart, Rishabh mentions that his father is in a coma and he is not able to control anything, the man says that he must tell her that he loves her as she might then end the marriage relieving him from the guilt that he was not able to do it, Rishabh thinks that the stranger has said the truth so he goes to tell her.

Sarla is with Prithvi’s mom who asks her that she is still looking worried, Sarla explains that it is not the case but she is wondering what wrong they have done as they are facing a lot of difficulties in the wedding, Shrishti says that she knows the reason but no one listens, she answers that she feels they should not do this as god has decided something else, Sarla taunts her for talking nonsense.

Preeta comes back, Prithvi’s mom asks Sarla to come as they both should get fresh, they leave so Bi jee makes Preeta sit on the Mandap. She is sitting when Rishabh enters, he is thinking of all the romantic moments that he has spent with her, she comes asking what he is doing here, he answers that he has to talk something with her, he quotes an incident where Preeta saved a thief boy who stole some food, she explains that she remembers it, he asks her to remain quiet as he will now tell her what he feels, Rishabh explains that she was his only girlfriend in his life,, he has never said anything to a girl except her mother and Preeta, he says that Karan has the mindset of a kid and their relationship is not something which can be solved after taking any turn however he is not that stupid because when he ends a relation he doesn’t look back.

Preeta explains that she trusts him a lot but she truly feels that he is mistaken, Rishabh answers that he there are no questions in friendship and if she came to him when he was marrying Sherlin explaining that she is not the right choice he would have left the Mandap but she is not listening to him even when he is explaining that Prithvi is not the right choice for her which means that she does not trust him, also that she does not want to be saved from such cruel person.

He explains that she called him her friend and he always tried to hold up but now when he is trying to prove his friendship she is not letting him, he explains that if he breaks the relation then he will not look back, he is adamant that if he turns back then he will not come back and if she decides to marry Prithvi then he will never come back as he has not the heart to see her with him, he explains that if the leaves then he will make sure that he erases everything that he has regarding her in his heart, he says that her one word can end the relationship that they have.

Preeta requests Rishabh to stop as he means a lot to her, she has no words to explain him, she explains that it is the wish of her mother that she gets married and she cannot hurt her for anyone, he does not know that she met her mother after twenty years, he explains that he has not asked her to do this but he is leaving as he cannot see her like this, her friend Rishabh is leaving forever without the possibility of coming back. The Written update of 06 September 2019 Kundali Bhagya ends here.

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