In Naagin season 4 written episode 21st March 2020 episode Brinda hatching plans on killing Dev? Read today's update to know more

Naagin Season 4 Written Episode Update 22nd March 2020: Dev in danger, Brinda plans to kill him

The episode begins with Brinda and Dev being alone after Shalaka leaves. And that’s when they have eye to eye contact and Dev tries to make amendments but recalls how harsh he was towards Brinda. So, he takes a step back letting Brinda leave. That is when he recalls all the amazing moments between the two. As his back is turned towards Brinda she looks at him.

One the other hand we see Shalaka is standing furious in the garden and recollecting how Lilly was defending Brinda. We see Vishakha and Shalaka plotting against Dev and Brinda. On the other hand we see Dev trying to get close to Brinda. But she reminds him that she has done it all for Lilly and the baby, not for Dev.

Lilly tries to convince that the baby is hers and we see Shalaka is all set to make her plan work and so thinks to go for an outing with Dev to get know one another. But Brinda has another plan in her mind.

That’s how the whole family turns up at Matheran where it was just supposed to be Shalaka and Dev. Later, we see the whole family playing a game and Dev is talking business with a guy and later he leaves. Brinda follows him claiming it to be his last night…

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