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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written update S02 Episode 09 28th October 2020 we see that Gopi asks Gehna how she met Gopi Kaka, while Gehna says she found him floating in the river.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written update S02 Ep 09 28th October 2020: A shocking news for Gopi

The episode starts with Gopi searching for some proof in Gopi Kaka’s room as she doubts him to be Ahem, she throws all the clothes out while searching and she slips, a ring falls – the same ring which Gopi gifted Ahem as their symbol of love, Gopi fails to see the ring.

Gehna is trying to remove Kanak’s sandals while Kokila arrives, she asks Kanak to remove sandals on her own. Jamna asks Kamlesh to take some doctor’s advice as Kanak is having back pain, Kamlesh replies that it will be expensive and he cannot afford it at the end of the month. Praful says he will pay the bill and leaves. Kanak splashes mud on Gehna and says because of Gehna, Kokila yelled at her.

Later at home, Anant is waiting outside the door and, Gehna enters with Arti and asks Jamna to perform Anant’s Arti. Gopi sees a letter in Gopi Kaka’s room which said that Gopi Kaka is going away from them. Gehna enters and asks Gopi what is she doing. Gopi tells Gehna that she needs to find out who is Gopi Kaka. Gehna shows Gopi a picture of her and Gopi Kaka, Gehna says that she found Gopi Kaka floating in the river and she risked her life and saved him but, he lost his memory. Gopi asks if that incident was five years back, Gehna replies that it was. Gopi wants to meet Gopi Kaka, Gehna wipes her tears and asks her to stay strong.

Gopi thinks that she will find out tomorrow that the person is Ahem Ji or not if he is Ahem Ji then she will inform Kokila.

Precap: Kokila asks Gehna why did she put an egg in prasad, Gehna replies she did not. Kokila asks who else was present there.

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