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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 12th March 2020 episode to stop Naira from exposing the truth, Jhaveri shuts her in the pit and destroys the evidence. Kartik and Naksh look for her. Jhaveri fills the pit with smoke.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 12th March 2020: Jhaveri shuts Naira in the pit

The episode begins with Naira telling Goenka’s that they have a video of all the Holi celebrations Naira and Kartik had together. Jhaveri says Naira is lying. Naira drops the memory card when the people enter with dhol. Naira and Kartik are pulled by people to dance. Naira signs about the memory card to Naksh but he doesn’t understand. Just than Jhaveri is about to pick it, but Naira manages to get hold of it. Naira says it’s the right time to play the video and unveil the truth. As she is about to play the video, Jhaveri catches her hand and doesn’t let go. He asks for the chip, but Naira refuses to give it. She falls in the pit and Jhaveri gets the chip. Kartik asks about Naira and Naksh says she is near the screen. Kartik says take me to her as he feels something is going to happen. Jhaveri asks Abhishek to cover the pit, so he keeps pots on it. Naksh and Kartik get Naira’s phone but are unable to find her. Jhaveri plays the video and checks. He sees Naksh near the pit and Karti near the pit. Naira tries to get up and sees Kartik. Jhaveri says she doesn’t accept defeat, she retrieved the data. Abhishek says that after she is out of the pit, she will reveal the truth, so they need a permanent solution.

Jhaveri says her story will end now, that pit will be her grave and no one returns from there. Manish sees Javeri and feels Jhaveri is planning something. Naksh says he couldn’t find Naira anywhere. Jhaveri says if she is alive, she will be dangerous for his son. She says don’t do this. He drops the smoke pipe inside and releases the smoke. He says my son will get peace now and destroys the chip. Jhaveri asks Abhishek to go and play Holi. Manish asks what’s going on, Jhaveri says I’m finding thandai, I gave you what you wanted, be happy now, Luv and Kush are free, happy Holi. He goes. Kartik falls down. He gets up and tries to find Naira. Naira covers up with her dupatta. Manish says I didn’t understand what Javeri wants to say. Suwarna says everything is fine. He says don’t know, its fine or….

Kairav and Vansh look for the fog machine. Samarth asks Gayu to have juice. She says its good Kartik and Naira came back. Samarth asks her to stay away from Naira. He says don’t misunderstand but she doesn’t value relations, she is stubborn and her thinking is different, I want you and baby to maintain a safe distance from her. Kartik hears this and calls Gayu. He asks if she saw Naira. Gayu says no. Kartik says she is nowhere. Samarth says don’t worry, you will find her. Gayu says Kartik looks worried, where did Naira go. They hear some sound. Naira throws stones at the lid. She falls down. She imagines calling out Kartik and Kairav. She extends a hand to them.

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