In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 17th March 2020 episode, Samarth accuses Gayu of lying but Goenka’s explain him. Kartik and Naira go to Leela’s house but are unable to meet her. Kartik and Naira perform puja for their baby.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 17th March 2020: Naira and Kartik pray for their late daughter

The episode begins with Kartik consoling Naira. They get Gayu home and Naira hugs Kairav and he asks her why she seems upset. Samarth sees Gayu and accuses her of lying and not revealing about her falling from the stairs. He says she isn’t caring for the baby as Vansh has to share his mother. Gayu tries to explain but he doesn’t listen. He reveals how he found out that she lied about visiting Trisha and actually visiting a doctor. Kartik and Naira try to explain Samarth that Gayu is scared of him. He shouldn’t be so possessive and over-protective as she fears that and it can affect her and the baby. Dadi, Manish also try explaining Manish after hearing their talk.

Kairav and Vansh try to keep Surekha happy. Manish, Dadi and Suvarna get happy seeing her happy. Suvarna tells Manish that the priest has told to perform a puja to free the family from problems. Meanwhile, Kartik calls Leela and reminds her who he is and asks about his daughter, but Leela hangs up. She gets restless. On the other hand, Gayu hugs Samarth after he apologizes to her. Kartik and Naira go out to get stuff for Kairav’s project. They remember their late daughter as it will be her birthday in some time. They decide to keep puja for her and let the family celebrate Krish’s birthday. Goenka’s wish Krish over video call and Dadi remembers Kartik’s daughter. After Naira and Kartik return and say they should celebrate Krish’s birthday and not let Kairav know about their daughter. They decide to make a cake. Vansh asks Gayu to make one but Samarth says she isn’t well. Vansh and Kairav make a video and make everybody laugh. Kairav cuts the cake and then kids get ready for school. Dadi and Suvarna pray for Naira and Kartik.

Kartik and Naira go to Leela’s house, but she hides and sends her son. He says she is out for a month. They give him the cheque for her treatment and leave. Leela cries hearing his words. Later they go to the temple and see an arrangement for big puja and ask the priest but later find Goenka’s there. Meanwhile, the puja is on. Kartik spots Leela and runs after her but fails to find her. The puja gets ruined, Naira is worried for Kartik and Kartik finds something fishy.

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