In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 20th March 2020 episode, Naira tells Kartik about Rama asking about adopting Vansh, but Samarth says he will manage it. They plan for Dadi’s birthday but have to cancel the party because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 20th March 2020: Kartik and Naira spread awareness against CoronaVirus!

The episode begins with Rama and Naira talking about a child. Samarth asks the house help to put less sugar in the cake for Vansh. Gayu hears this and asks Samarth if he has issues with Vansh eating, Samarth says he is asking so because Vansh has cavities in his teeth, he isn’t some villain. Naita tells Kartik that Vansh’s family wants to adopt him back and Samarth overhears them. Samarth tells them he will talk to them and handle this. Samarth tells Gayu to forget everything and spend more time with Vansh.

Dadi gets happy about her birthday. Manish and Kairav argue over who will decide about the birthday and they all start preparing for Dadia’s surprise birthday party. Meanwhile, Nakshi informs Bhabhimaa that they are unsure when they will be coming as flights are cancelled due to coronavirus. Bhabhimaa gets worried. Dadi does the puja and everybody greet her and get going for their own work. Dadi wonders everybody is busy on her birthday. Kartik asks Rakesh to hurry with his investigation and Naira hears him. Kartik lies about the investigation of a new client.

Naira tells Kairav and Vansh about the precautions related to coronavirus and Manish takes them to school. He takes them to the party venue as schools are shut. He informs Kartik about malls, schools etc getting shut and Kartik tells him to call Akhilesh as it’s their responsibility as well to stop the outbreak. They discuss maintaining a safe distance and various other precautions and tell Dadi about the virus. Suvarna tells that the party is cancelled but Dadi didn’t know about it. Manish says can they bake a cake at home. Naira says they can with the ingredients they have and make something different. Kartik gets Rakesh’s message and it says he will inform Kartik when he gets any information.

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