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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 5th March 2020 episode Naira takes Kairav with her and tells him her story. Kartik finds CCTV footage. Jhaveri plans to get rid of Mohan.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 5th March 2020 : Kartik meets with an accident

The episode starts with Naira scolding reporters. As Goenka’s come out to see the reporters, Naira asks them about their promise of taking care of Kairav. She further says she raised him alone without any problem and they left him out alone. She is about to leave with Kairav but he says he doesn’t want to go with her as she will hand him over to the police and his Dadu is a powerful man. She says no. Jhaveri thinks that this girl doesn’t fear anything, it will be difficult to defeat her, but he will by all means. He thinks of making Kairav’s video viral. Naksh sees Mohan wearing glasses in a video 200 m away from the academy and so that can be used as evidence.

Kartik calls Naira and tells her that they found the footage. She informs him that she is taking Kairav with her. Kartik assures her he will be back in a while. They receive Kairav’s video, but Kartik messages Naira to be strong and that it is just a tactic to divert them. She agrees and tells him they won’t give up. Manish sees the video and feels hiring Jhaveri was a mistake and the outcome of the case is going to break the family.

While Kartik and Mohan are about to leave somebody clicks their pictures and sends it to Jhaveri. Jhaveri thinks to do something of Mohan as the evidence can be used against the boys. Kairav refuses to get out of the car and insists on going home. Naira tells him her story in a story form and how she ran from her house fearing the police. When Kairav asks who the girl was Bhabhimaa says it’s his mother.

Kartik tells Mohan to meet his wife and come back. Naksh is worried about the video of Kairav but Kartik reassures him. Bhabhimaa and Devyani explain Kairav how much mothers love their babies and won’t let them go to jail. Devyani tells him to hug Naira as she loves him a lot. Naira says sorry to Kairav and says we won’t give you to police. The guy threatens Mohan and gives him money and asks him to leave, while Naksh and Kartik wait for him. As they go looking for him, his wife says he left but Mohan hides. Naira spends time with Kairav but he stays away. Kartik shouts Mohan and says your life is in danger. The guy tells the truck driver that the evidence shouldn’t reach court. The truck speeds towards Kartik and Mohan.

The truck hits Kartik and truck driver flees. Naira gets a call but it’s not Kartik. Mohan tells her that Kartik met with an accident and Naksha tells Naira to come to the hospital. Naira runs and drives off. Jhaveri gets a call from the guy and he tells him everything and he gets shocked. Naksh tells Kartik to not worry and meanwhile, Naira is also on her way.

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