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As an open and interactive director, Anuradha Kapoor's work can be traced in her collaborations with visual and video artist and the filmmakers. She is one of the woman practitioners who are famous for being rebellious by nature.

Anuradha Kapur: directing changes in Indian cinema

Having her master’s degree in drama and theatre arts from the University of Leeds, UK she completed her PhD after her graduation from Delhi University in English.
Her name is associated without personalities of theatre such as Arpita Singh, Nalini Manali, Nilima Sheikh, and Vivan Sundaram.
Anuradha has been a member of theatre group disaster led by veteran actor, Om Shivpuri.
Besides acting in numerous plays, she also enacted in the seminal play, Aadhe Adhure, directed by Mohan Rakesh.
In 1981, after joining NSD as an associate professor, she taught students who became well-known figures in theatre and cinema namely Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Seema Vishwas, and Rajpal Yadav. She served NSD for six-year tenure.
At NSD, her production work included, Virasat, which is a composite version of Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Marathi masterwork, the Wada Trilogy.

This production and direction of Kapur are especially worth mentioning because in this it is projected how much she considers her site and sets specificity. She pays extra attention to minute details on her theatre stage so that it can create hyper-reality in the drama. Besides being elaborately based on the Porto-feminist theme, her directions replicate the period of drama with the stage being designed in a manner to recreate the actual environment.

She is known for practices that challenge the established norms and hierarchies of the Indian theatre. Having served the cinema for almost five decades she is one of the most enthusiastic directors and her excellence and perfectionism are reflected in her work well.

Besides being a recipient of Sangeet Natak Academy Award in the field of direction in the year 2004, she is the author of the book:- the Ramlila of Ram Nagar.

In 2018, she was theatre curator at the third edition of Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa. She is responsible for bringing in the big changes in the NSD syllabi in the 1980s which was based on British Drama tradition.

Being interested in interdisciplinary work she has been the co-founder of Vivaldi, the group of painters, musicians, writers and theatre practitioner’s in 1989.

The group played Rabindranath Tagore adaptation Ghare-Baire and Nayika Bhed on stage. In 2017 it came up with Dil-o-Danish play.

As a director, Kapoor’s latest work is dark things which are co-directed by Sivaraman at AUD. The play is related to global capitalisation, migration, and pervasiveness of Technology like issues.
Anuradha and her associates are responsible for discovering the theatre language which is not wrapped in patriarchal notions. She is satisfied that now the Indian theatre does not belong to any specific Gharana but is a cross-pollination of generations who believes in portraying current issues on stage clubbed with dramatics.

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