Indian theatre has a very rich and long history which begins much earlier than the film. It has been the training ground for many of Indian celebrity actors.

Theatre Actors from India You Should Know

Listed below are few theatre personalities of India who have been very influential and some have transitioned from theatre to the career in Bollywood made have made the impact world-wise through their skills:-

1) Shabana Azmi

Theatre Actors from India You Should Know 1

She has been the prominent name among Indian cinemas as well as the theatre that has graced masala Bollywood and the art cinema with her presence and acting skills. She has been the carrier of modern Indian theatre’s evolution. The veteran actors do not need any reference or exaggeration when it comes to listing down her contribution to the Indian cinema as well as theatre.

2) Naseeruddin Shah

Theatre Actors from India You Should Know 2

He has been one of the most idolized actors of Bollywood who has devoted a lot of this career’s period to the theatre and its development. The veteran actor is also the co-founder of the theatre group which was formed in 1979 in association with Benjamin Gilani and Tom Alter.

Since then he has been performing plays around the country with this theatre group for which he has received both Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri which are the third and the fourth highest civilian award of India.

3) Ratna Pathak

Theatre Actors from India You Should Know 3

She is the daughter of veteran Gujarati theatre actor Dina Pathak. Being always interested in theatre since her childhood age, she has graduated from the National School of Drama in Delhi. She has been attached to the theatre all her acting career and has played various award-winning roles in Bollywood films and TV serials.

4) Dr. Shriram Lagoo

Theatre Actors from India You Should Know 4

This name is very important for Marathi theatre as he gave up a career in medicine to pursue his passion for acting. This veteran actor formed theatre group, progressive dramatic association, and established a career on the stage playing part in around 40 Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati play. He has also been the director behind 20 Marathi plays.

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