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IWMBuzz talks to actor Rishi Khurana on his theatre journey, love for theatre and a lot more. Read the story to know more

Theatre taught me how to act and transform into any character – Rishi Khurana

Actor Rishi Khurana is quite popular in the Television industry for his body of work. But what makes him versatile is the fact that his roots are in the theatre. In a chit-chat with IWMBuzz, Rishi opens up on his theatre life, journey, favourite theatre play and a lot more. Read to find out.


You are such a talented actor. You manage to make an impact with every role that you play. How do you prepare before taking up a role?

Well, thanks for calling me a talented actor, but no, I don’t prepare much for the role, except that I try to feel like that character, and what he would do in the situations he is in, and I do that with full honesty. And yes, one more very important thing is that I try to come on neutral ground before I prepare for any new character.

Despite being active on TV, your passion for theatre is still there. How do you prepare differently for a theatre play?

Theatre is my passion. It taught me how to act and transform into a different character every time, so I take time out some how to act in theatre. I work on my own conditions though. And many a times, I had to leave work which pays much more, but I don’t repent. This is who I am. I have even left a lead role in a film for a theatre show, for which I was getting paid Rupees 100. Theatre keeps me grounded and makes me learn, though I don’t consider that TV is any less. TV makes me survive in this expensive city, it gives me the freedom to choose my work.

In what direction do you think is Indian theatre heading towards?

Indian theatre is booming now more than ever, audience have started realising the worth and honesty of it, new talents are coming and they are going to leave you and me spellbound.

How different is the role of a director of a theatre play compared to a movie or TV show?

In theatre, because of less resources and money, directors are more passionate about proving themselves. TV is very commercial and it’s mostly about getting footage to telecast, so no time for getting too passionate. And film is a director’s medium and they have decent budgets too. A lot of new avenues are also opening for them so film direction is also very creative.

Lastly, your most favorite theatre project you have worked in till date?

After a long sabbatical from theatre, around 2 years back, I again got a chance to do a new play called “SALAM NONI APPA”. So for that, it will always remain special to me.

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