Although when Asian theatre emerged it was not as simultaneous with that of ancient Greece and Rome, it merits discussion here rather than as an appendage to the history of Western drama.

Where Does Indian Theatre Stand Today?

Though Indian theatre emerged not very early, it still exists in India as compared to other parts of the world. Indian theatre is basically considered as one of the oldest theatres that evolved in Asia, as it developed its dance and drama by the 8th century BC. According to Hindu holy books, the gods fought the demons before the world was created, and the god Brahmā asked the gods to reenact the battle among themselves for their own entertainment. Once again the demons were defeated, this time by being beaten with a flagstaff by one of the gods. To protect today’s theatre from demons in the future, a pavilion was built, and in a lot of places in India today a flagstaff next to the stage marks the location of performances.

Indian theatre or any theatre for that matter is an amazing platform and gives a chance to many to show their talent and do something that they like. And although they are many people who would love to perform theatre, in India theatre is not given as much importance as Bollywood is or the other acting platforms are given.

It is becoming very easy for a Bollywood movie to spin crores at the box office. The “100-crore” or “500-crore” clubs have caught the fancy of millennial artists and now they all aim for that. These clubs have also become national obsessions and benchmarks that you feel sorry about. Why? Because all of us are of the belief that art is beyond business, it beyond the commercial rewarding that is so paramountly important nowadays. Talent is given very less importance in comparison to making money nowadays.