I honestly don't have a struggling story, but I see that as a downside: Yashaswini Dayama

In conversation with Yashaswini Dayama

I honestly don’t have a struggling story, but I see that as a downside: Yashaswini Dayama

Yashaswini Dayama, who had acted in Pawan Kripalani’s Phobia, garnered high praise for her natural, fun performance in the Alia Bhatt-SRK starrer, Dear Zindagi.

Actor Rammakant Dayama’s daughter, Yashaswini has also featured in Dice Media’s Adulting and Filter Copy’s videos.

In an exclusive chit-chat with IWMBuzz.com, Yashaswini talks about herself, her first big break and her future ideas.


What keeps you motivated in life?

I keep reminding myself that every day is a new day, and right now is the time to get as much done as possible. I need to be doing all kinds of things, and that need keeps me going.

How did you enter this profession?

I entered this profession very much by accident. I started off with TV commercials and then landed roles in mainstream feature films after some rigorous auditions and now, here I am.

How have you evolved as an actor?

I don’t know, I try to be as self-aware as possible. Technically, with every new set, I am learning more things about the process and myself. But as an actor, to see how I fit into the picture, I need to watch myself to learn what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, you know while you’re doing a shot that something really nice has happened; sometimes, even when I feel it was clunky, movie magic fixes it in the end product.

What challenges have you faced in your journey?

I honestly don’t have a struggling origin story, but I see that as a downside. Because then, you’ve spent time with yourself trying to achieve your goals and after all that time you either completely give up on it or you know for sure that this is it and there’s nothing that can change it. For me, things have flown very smoothly, fortunately, and my major challenge is just finding comfort in how I fit into all this.

Who has been your biggest support during your difficult times?

My family and some close friends have always been with me.

Tell us a bit about your association with Pocket Aces?

I auditioned for Adulting through a casting agency, and when eventually I got locked and found out that Aisha was to work along with me, I was quite excited. I thought I would feel slightly like a stepchild, considering she had worked with them for almost 2 years, but I got absorbed into this big “flubber” type family almost immediately, and that’s including the 3 co-founders!

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

I idolize almost everyone doing this job. It’s “easy” and “fun” looking, but it takes so much from you; it needs discipline (which I lack).

Ever fancy working for television or movies… or internet is your preferred choice of medium?

Like I said earlier, I want to do everything! I shot for a series earlier this year – “Delhi Crime Story”, directed by Richie Mehta, and it’s going to have its world premiere at Sundance 2019. I started with movies and also have a feature film, “The Odds”, by Megha Ramaswamy coming out soon; and then we hopefully have Adulting Season 2. So I’m not picking any medium over the other!

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I keep watching content, keep my antennas tingling to absorb things around me and hope that something useful will pop up in my head at the right time.

What kind of content do you love watching on digital?

I am all about diversity! I like watching dark shows like “The Sinner” but will binge-watch comedy specials. I love “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, drooled throughout “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”.

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