Check out what actor Anjum Sharma has to say on his next Mirzapur 2

Among the entire cast, I can bet that I am most excited for Mizrapur 2  – Anjum Sharma

When Mirzapur ended, right from the fans to the artistes, everyone was left wondering when is Season 2 coming. While others had the desire to continue the amazing work they did in Season 1, the case was slightly different for Anjum Sharma aka Sharad Shukla from Mirzapur who had his eyes set for the criminal world. However, season 1 didn’t have much of a scope for Sharad’s character to flourish and his best parts were henceforth left for Season 2. When Anjum was asked about the same regarding how he prepared for season 2, he said and we quote,

“Well, I can bet that I am most excited for Mizrapur 2 among the entire cast because finally, my character will get more space and it is time to flourish. I have been so excited about this throughout. In fact, when I was roped in, I was told then itself that majority of the scope of my character would be in season 2 and I was up for it. It felt like going in the middle of a cricket pitch to bat and after facing 1 delivery, you were asked to come back. (laughs). I am very excited and I hope the audience likes what the character of Sharad brings to the table in season 2”

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